Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stressed. Seriously.

So I have a great announcement - I'm now working for Rachel Pally!

But I've also been a ball of awful anxiety and sleepless nights for a few weeks now because of constant schoolwork and classes, health issues I had to go home to Arizona for, a problem with an old friend who I miss terribly but fear its beyond repair, going out of town every weekend last month and missing school, not getting to spend time with the boyfriend when he comes out to see me because of my hectic schedule and even though I'm super excited about my job, worrying about the hours affecting my schoolwork. UGHHHHH. Heidi, I feel you.


Barney's Coop Black Boyfriend Cardigan

Wildfox Indian Tank

Zara Black Leggings

Dolce Vita Ellie Sandals

And busted out an old friend... The Foley & Corinna City Bag! So versatile, even if its really 2007ish.

Also, I'm thinking of listing my super battered Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall duffle bag on here for a super-low price since I clearly cannot be trusted with nice things and eBay doesn't allow Louis listings anymore. What do you think?

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