Saturday, January 31, 2009

She Be Buzzin All Over Me....

So I'm super allergic to everything, and every morning I take a Zyrtec. Zac and I went to brunch at Newsroom Cafe on Robertson, and he got a whole-grain pancake that I had a bite of, and got a mouthful of pecans that we were both unaware were in there. Immediately, I got itchy in the throat-el region, so I took a Benedryl, and my Albuterol inhaler without thinking. This resulted in acute Ephedrine overload from all three drugs. I got all shaky and dizzy for awhile, and then fell asleep while Zac drove us home. I am now recuperating. I am also a walking ad for American Apparel.

American Apparel Purple 50/25/25 Tee

American Apparel Black Leggings

Minnetonka Lace-Up Boots

Ray-Ban Black Wayfarers

Friday, January 30, 2009

T by Alexander Wang

I'm obsessed with Alexander Wang, however his ready-to-wear line is pricey, and rarely on sale since it got super popular, so when I heard he was coming out with a diffusion line, T by Alexander Wang, I was stoked. It's all supposed to be very thin and lived-in. Too bad I shopped like crazy last weekend. I really want the baggy, boatneck dress with the two-length hem.


The boyfriend is coming in town today, yay! I got up early to go to Crossfit, made some eggwhites with low fat chedder, and promptly got a stomachache. I think the eggwhites went bad. Guess I'm going to the afternoon or night one.

I found this awesome shirt by RosenMunns, if it wasn't $100 for a baggy tee, I'd be all over it
"I Ate Mary-Kate"

Its supposed to be 78 degrees out today! Shorts time!

James Perse Dark Gray Racerback Tank

Monrow Red Vest

Alexander Wang Distressed Denim Shorts

Gray Havaianas

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two 3-Hour Classes per Day is Excessive

I'm still in class, but sometimes, I'm just over listening. How much Freud can I take?

American Apparel Gray Raglan Pullover

C&C California Black Classic Tank

Ella Moss White Jersey Skirt w/ Pocket

Minnetonka Black Bootie

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday is New Phone Day!

So I convinced my darling mother to take me to AT&T (stay on a family plan as long as you can... write that down), and it was time for my upgrade, so I got a new red Blackberry Curve! Ok, granted it is just a fat version of my old one, but this one is not broken (pretty sure) and number one bonus, it has a voice recorder so you can record music and use it as your ringtone!

On my drive home from LA, I couldn't resist stopping at the Cabazon outlets in Palm Springs. The Barney's outlet was calling my name. While I was home, I stopped at the local Nordstrom Rack in Scottsdale, because it is one of the only ones in the country with a Designer Shop (aka my 2nd home). Every time I fall off the wagon and go on a shopping bender (once a week), I try to sell the equivalent out of my closet on eBay. Visit my eBay (name is beach03me) and check out my selection (including the previously-mentioned Marni boots. They were too expensive to have nowhere to wear them!). This way, I make back quite a bit of the money, however, I have sold almost 300 items and had to deal with a handful of completely rude and dishonest buyers, and the 2 negative comments I have recieved out off all of those really irk me. Damn eBay for having a monopoly on online auctions! Also, if I sell things, my closet stays relatively organized and well-stocked. My closet is a very exclusive selection of ONLY amazingness. Here's what I picked up this weekend:

Barney's Coop Black Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

Madison Marcus Silk Studded Navy Tank (similar to this one)

J Brand Bayou Skinny Jeans

L.A.M.B Red Suede Booties

Monrow Red Vest

Marc by Marc Jacobs White Tuxedo Blazer

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SAG Awards

Didn't watch them. Wasn't really aware that they were happening tonight (they are just kind of a vague winter awards ceremony in my head lacking any validity). And I don't know any of the winners (But I hope Christina Applegate won for "Samantha Who" because I heart that show and if it gets canceled, I will be quite upset for at least a day or two). But I did like some of the dresses:

January Jones

America Ferrera (Looking pretty skinny, albeit very hot. I guess real women only have curves in adolescent coming-of-age movies)

Christina Applegate

Angelina Jolie

Allison Pill (I just love the shoes)

Jennifer Carpenter

Amy Adams

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Throw Something Together...

So I'm home in AZ right now, and I'm meeting my friend for dinner, but her friend has a table and bottle service at a fun bar, so she wants to go out after. I didn't really think I was going out on this trip (just to dinner once or twice), but because I overpack for everything and just throw random things into my suitcase, I figured out an outfit:

Alisha Levine Silk Racerback Tank (Mine is a coral color)

J Brand Lovestory Jeans (the ones I got at the Fred Segal sale!)

Jessica Simpson Striker Platform Sandals

Mike & Chris Black Leather Jacket (This one is much more like the one I have than the old pic. They make so many damn leather jackets every season, its impossible to find the exact one!)


Thursday, January 22, 2009



I need a new phone. My red Blackberry Pearl BLOWS. It drops pretty much every call I make. The screen has two cracks because I'm a clumsy kid. The clumsiest. And the letters do not correspond with the numbers properly because apparently, Blackberry thinks they're special and they don't have to follow standard rules. So if someone gives a number like 1-800-CAN-TCALL, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT NUMBER THAT IS. And its too small to properly text. And it doesn't have a voice recorder so I can record songs and use them as my ringtone and not have to buy ringtones.

So if you could please buy me a Blackberry Curve/Bold/Storm, or an IPhone, or one of those new LG ones, I would appreciate it.

I know, I'm needy.

Can't Resist American Apparel

Yesterday, I crawled out of my deathbed to run to the post office and get some pictures printed. On the way, I managed to drag my sick and weary body to American Apparel. I was craving some tees. And then, I may have stopped by the Fred Segal sale (this is the LAST time, I swear), because all Stila makeup was 75% OFF. You know you couldn't have resisted it either.

I RARELY pay full price for clothing/shoes/bags/jewelry as I am an expert at seeking out amazing sales, sample sales, outlets, and close-outs; the only places I pay full price is at moderate stores like American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and a personal fav, Target's Go International collection. OR if there is something contemporary or designer that I really, really want, I will pay full price. I pretty much only wear J Brand jeans, and they run around $150, which is pretty moderate for a premium denim line. They fit me really well, and they are super flattering on everyone. I just got a pair I ordered on with zippers on the side of the bottoms, and these were the first pair that fit really weird! They were really stiff, and the calves were really small (ok, I have man calves, but J brand usually allots me space for them). Thank goodness for shopbop's liberal return policy and free shipping. Back to the website they went.

At American Apparel, I got a purple 50/50 v-neck tee, a Sebastian Teller silky black oversize tee, and a cool leather wrap that can be a double belt or whatever. If I was more creative, I'd have more methods.

Today's School Outfit:

American Apparel Gray tee (I stole it from my brother, shhhh)

J Brand Black Lovestory Jeans

Multiple Kenneth Jay Lane, Subversive for Target, & Betsey Johnson Necklaces (examples)

Christian Louboutin Bruges Pumps (Its rainy, they keep my pants out of it!)

Mike & Chris Filmore Leather and Canvas Trench

Alexander McQueen Scarf

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick Day

I woke up with the stomach flu this morning, and I'm feeling pretty shitty. Because I'm a trooper, I'm going to school. But I'm not happy about it. There will be little to no class participation today. And it is supposed to rain tonight. Yay. (On the brighter side, I did finish my Freud paper last night and its not even due until Thursday night. I don't know if I have ever finished a paper that early in my whole school career. And I'm on like, grade 17. Or Something. )

Rachel, I apologize for the influx of plaid shirts. I'm trying to get it out of my system.

Redez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister Plaid Shirt (Paul & Joe's diffusion line for Urban Outfitters)

BP Black Leggings

Seychelles Tan Riding Boots (Great Loeffler Randall knock-offs)

Love Quotes Champagne Scarf

I should be wearing my gray Marc by Marc Jacobs rain boots since I know its going to rain, but they're heavy and I'm sick and I don't want to!