Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie Awards 09

So they haven't even started yet, but red carpet pics from the movie awards are pouring in. I was going to investigate ways to crash the after-parties, but then I realized I was far too busy not caring today. Where did my party-ambition go???

My Favorites:

Leighton Meester. I heart this girl.

Sienna Miller in her own Twenty8Twelve, a knockoff of Balmain but I'm enjoying it nonetheless, with amazing Kirkwood shoes that you can't see here.

Rumer Willis. I know, I know, but I like the geometric pieces.

Lauren Conrad, who apparently had major problems fitting this dress today (via twitter).

Vanessa Hudgens - who must possess a great stylist, because I consistently enjoy her awards show looks, although I don't enjoy her so much.

Whitney Port - Love the studded sandals

Cameron Diaz, with some trendy children.

Kristen Bell, although the dress looks a little tight, oui?

Accomplishments of the Day

1. I resisted the Splendid/Ella Moss sample sale AND the fashion blogger's sale today because spending money is no bueno for awhile. Like, at least a week.
2. 8 loads of laundry - whites, colors, delicates, reds, sheets, blankets, pillows, bleaching.....

3. Put away 8 loads of laundry.

4. New patio table from Urban Outfitters assembled. Cute huh?

5. Dishes. Kitchen cleaning. Bathroom cleaning.
6. Listed multiple things on eBay - Paige jeans, Rory Beca/Black Halo/Marc Jacobs/Kooba items. Check em out!!!
7. And then, after such a productive day, I got dressed for the gym and checked the hours quickly online... AND THE STUPID THING CLOSED AT 5!!! 24 HOUR FITNESS - FALSE NAME. ugh. Now I'm going to attempt some pilates/pushups/squats in my tiny studio. Oh well.


Vintage Plaid Flannel Shirt

White Wifebeater

Victoria's Secret Pink Sweats

Navy Havaianas

My FAVE Workout Pants (Something I'm super picky about... Like I'm not picky about all clothes...):

So Low Foldover Yoga Pants (I have a few pairs of these in black and navy, they are comfy, flattering, and do not ride down when bending over)

LuluLemon Pants and Capris (my second fave - breathable material and flattering, you just have to make sure you choose the right size, otherwise they can cause a muffin top if they're too small, or slip right off your hips if they're too large).

8. Not an accomplishment - the stupid blogger won't let me fix the posts that couldn't be read... Thats so weird, I could read them. Sorry. All that I said that day was that I bought some stuff (you can see the pictures, right?) and that my poor puppy had to have 5 teeth extracted because she has serious dental issues, despite my efforts in stopping the plaque. FYI. If you care.

9. Marissa - where did your blog go??

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its 2009 - Why Can't Cars Drive Themselves?

I need to drive back to LA today. I really feel that since we do not yet have flying cars, cars should at least be able to drive themselves, so I can sit back and eat some Twizzlers, and then take a snooze.

Sorry the outfits have been semi-boring this week, while I used to pack like a crazy pe
rson, I have recently realized that taking my closet with me is far too much work for someone as lazy as me. We had a fun time out last night, and now I'm tired and cranky and have a six hour drive ahead of me. Sweetness. AND I have to come home in 3 weeks because unbeknownst to me, my orthodontist started me on invisaline and I will need a new retainer.
PS. My mouth is the
never-ending story of special-needs teeth. I started my orthodontia journey at 8 years old. I am now 23.


Brandy White Burnout Dress (with black bra)- mine is not raggedy or v-neck like hers though

l Gray Skinny Jeans

Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges


American Apparel Gray V-Neck

American Apparel Black Miniskirt

ay Havaianas

Rayban Wayfarers


Balenciaga Giant City Floral Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Red Morning After Bag

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Poor Puppy

My poor poor puppy is having a host of dental issues, despite her prescription mouthwash, food, and dental bones. She is currently under anesthesia getting her teeth cleaned and FIVE extractions because of plaque build-up, teeth fractures, and roots showing. I don't know what her deal is, she is so healthy and clean otherwise, the vet said some dogs just have chronic teeth problems...

I also had to go to the orthodontist today, and to make up for all of the teeth unpleasantness, after the gym tonight, I'm making it taco-night!! Woohoo. Mexican fiestas make everyone feel better. Going back to LA on Saturday, its been a fun week home and I acquired a few purchases along the way.....

Tracy Feith for Target Dresses (I may return one, I hear they both run ama
zingly small and I ordered online, so we'll see).

American Apparel Crop Top (in a light green that they apparently don't have online - I had an old giftcard burning a hole in my pocket)

Citizens of Humanity Acid-Wash Cut-off Shorts (made these out of a men's pair I bought at Nordstrom's Last Chance - I'm just picturing the man who would wear this wash....)

Habitual Gray
Skinny Jeans ($10 at Last Chance - a beautiful thing)

And for my mom, I got her:
Kooba Delia Bag (f
rom Last Chance for $100 - because she's such a great woman!)


Hanes White Wifebeater (black bra - loving this these days!)

American Apparel Le Sac Dress (as a high-waisted skirt with the faux-leather sash double wrapped around my waist)

Dolce Vita Phoenix Gladiator Booties

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Sub Job for Me....

So I was hoping that I would be able to get a sub job today (teachers call in during the last week of school, right?) but no... Instead, I'm gonna hit up Last Chance, and then meet Rachel for lunch and drinks at the Vig.

The Jon & Kate episode last night was really sad. Whether Jon/Kate are cheating or not, their marriage is obviously falling apart. They barely spoke at their kid's party, and Kate is even more of a biznatch than usual, while Jon just looks depressed. I predict that they'll be divorced within 6 months, just watch....
The Hills was exciting for the sole reason that Kristin is back! OMG, I love that homewrecker.

I'm LOVIN' this week off school! Its like my spring break (which for some reason I didn't get - grad students need spring break too Pepperdine!)


T Alexander Wang Gray Racerback Dress

American Apparel Black Bandeau Bra

Spanx Footless Tights

Dolce Vita Phoenix Gladiator Booties

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

Hey y'all. Gonna spend the day watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes, grilling fish and hanging by the pool, booking summer trips and maybe taking in a Memorial Day sale or two ;). Have an amazing day off!


American Apparel Blue Raglan Tank

American Apparel Neon Bandeau Bra

Alexander Wang
Distressed Denim Shorts (can't ever get enough of these guys!)

Gray Havaianas

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Having a Fat Weekend....

Do you ever just have a week or two where you decided that you're totally fat? I'm completely having a fat weekend. It involves wearing lots of leggings...

Drove home from LA to Scottsdale Friday, spent Saturday gymming it, running errands with my madre (including checking out Tracy Feith for Target - got two dresses you'll def
see soon), going to Pure Sushi for dinner and drinks with my dad, and shopping today on Sunday with my mom, where she got me the Elizabeth & James dress below that Nicole Richie has (she is wearing a cardigan over) for 70% off at the BBZ boutique!!!


Target Black Leggings AND Hanes White Wifebeater

JET by John Eshaya Plaid Flannel Shirt (tied around my waist)

Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges

House of Harlow Ginormous Ring


Rachel Pally Mexico Dress in Cream (this is the dress that ties 800 ways, and yet I only wear it like Jessica is wearing it here)

Modern Vintage Gladiator Sandals in Silver

Friday, May 22, 2009

This is SOOO Me

Inspired by Marissa:

This is so me:

This is so

This is so me:

This is so not:

This is so me:

This is so not:

This is so me:

This is so not:

This is so me:

This is so not:

This is
so me:

This is so not: