Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Time!

Home for the weekend because I had to get an upper GI endoscopy yesterday (a tube/camera stuck down my esophagus). I now have a severely sore throat so the Halloween fun will be limited tonight. HOWEVER, I have a super-fun Anna Wintour costume to wear, so I will def post pics of that later. Went to Postino's for dinner with my dad last night and getting the nails done with mom today. Would be an amazingly relaxing weekend if I didn't have a huge research paper to finish by the time I get home...


LF White Boyfriend Blazer

3 Dots Black/Gray Striped Tee (in the t-shirt longer style, not this cropped sweater one; mine is super old from Bliss boutique in Phoenix)

Love Quotes Black Scarf

Current/Elliott Gray Skinnies (w/knee holes)

Zara Studded Sandals

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everywhere You Look, Everywhere There's a Heart

Been studying my brains out for 3 days straight and I'm still knee-deep in it - 2 midterms and 1 paper to go. Ready to bust outta here! My old laptop is finally ready to be picked up at Bestbuy so we shall see what I decided to do with that sucker. It for some reason decided to climb back up into the 80s and 90s in LA this week so any winter-clothing plans are dead.

Coming home for Halloween but no one seems to have any concrete plans so I'm hoping the night isn't a bust because I kind of enjoy my costume a little too much. However I will be getting my stomach scoped the day before so drinking may be out of the question....

The Gossip is playing a free show at Amoeba Records on Sunset tonight and once again, I'm missing out on fun-ness because of school priorities... The chance to ogle Beth Ditto in person should take precedent over a ten-page research paper, don't you agree? Too bad I'm a goodie-goodie at heart that would never dream of shirking responsibilities for drunken debauchery... hehe. Right?


American Apparel Gray Racerback Tank

7 For All Mankind Distressed Denim Short

American Apparel Black Tights (under shorts)

Minnetonka Moccasin Booties

And Heaps-O-Bracelets, as per usual...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Thanks Zara!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Her Wig is Too Tight, It's Squeezing Her Brain

Wearing a dress I lurrrve and having a lovely day because tomorrow and Sunday are going to be spent writing and studyyyying for my FOUR midterms and 10-page long paper due next week. Barf. I can't decide which is worse; grad school homework or the thought of actually having to get a real job.

Going to hit up Zara and the boutiques around me that I have neglected since last spring and then going to dinner with my number 1 school bestie at La Grande Orange in Santa Monica because it reminds us of home. A taste of Phoenix if you will. I have major calluses reminiscent of gymnastics days on my hands from Crossfit this week - my hands are so not Dove-soft. This may be part of the reason why people use to call me man-hands when I was younger.... True story.

Ps. My new fave snackerooni/lunch/whenever is a Trader Joe's wheat pita stuffed with Trader Joe's garlic hummus and shredded crunchy veggies. I've been using TJ's broccoli slaw (just shredded carrots and broccoli) and shredded red cabbage. I cannot STAND soggy veggies. But these stay nice and crisp. SO. GOOD.


Rag & Bone Floral Maxi Dress (from the sadly-over Fred Segal sale)

3.1 Phillip Lim Blazer

Dolce Vita Gladiator Sandals (got these over the summer for $18 at Nordstrom Last Chance but I don't think I've put them on the blog yet)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take that MAC!

So I'm enjoying my new HP laptop much more because that in the last week, it was on both One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives. If its good enough for Brook Davis to helm the Clothes over Bros empire, its good enough for me.

PS. I love this site -
My Favorites:

#680 Falling asleep when the plane takes off and waking up when it lands

#681 Realizing that you’re going to be in the background of someone’s picture and smiling at the last second

#685 Taking the stairs beside somebody taking the escalator

And many, many more.


American Apparel Gray Cardigan

Daftbird White Loose Neck Tee

Urban Outfitters Floral Skirt

Chinese Laundry Gray Turbo Boots

Topshop Assorted Beads (Necklaces and bracelets)

Scottish Hippie Wedding

Had an amazingggg but short time in Scotland - castles, kilts, wine, fresh food, runs around the village, chocolate, and TOPSHOP.

My outfits were a little boring - it was COLD and drizzzly so I just brought flannels, leggings and assorted boots and wellies. One fun thing was my 3.1 Phillip Lim Tweed Trench that I got a few months ago at Nordstrom Rack Designer Shop for.... $65. Its a $1000 trench coat people.
Soak it in.

Had a midterm to study for as soon as I got home, so I put off unpacking, grocery shopping and cleaning for studying yesterday. I have 4 midterms next week so this weekend is going to be a BLAST.


Vince Sweater (Nordstrom Rack Designer Shop during the summer for like $20)

LA Made White Tunic

Target Ripped Leggings (I ripped a couple pairs in different ways for myself)

Black Havaianas

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rain Makes Me Sleeeeeepy

Its been raining all day here in lalaland and I literally had to tear myself away from my bed today to get all the things I need to get done before I go to SCOTLAND on Thursday! My cousin is getting married and I am stoked for my lil weekend getaway.

I'm sorry Rachel Zoe, but I cannot get on board with fur vests. While they look ever so boho chic on you, my 95-lb fashion darling, I have a hunch that they would just make me look like a boxy sasquatch. I will not be logging on to QVC when these puppies come out....


3.1 Phillip Lim Blazer

Brandy & Melville White Tank

James Perse Black Tank (underneath)

Target DIY Ripped Leggings

Miu Miu Wedges

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Monday, October 12, 2009

hate. HATE.

I haven't truly hated a class/teacher this much since like, sophomore year of undergrad. and before that, a certain high school teacher. It seems at every school I attend, I will enjoy some of the teachers, be indifferent to most, and have one that truly pisses me off in every way. My semester end evaluation is going to be cruel......
Was doing homework until late last night and ALLLLLL day today until my first class at 4pm. Tired. And the bf took my puppy home with him because I'm going out of town on Thursday. It was the first really chilly day today of the year. Sad, sad, sad.


Topshop Pink Blazer

James Perse White Racerback Tank

J Brand Black Pencil Leg Skinnies

Forever 21 Necklace (in addition to my normal Dogeared necklaces)

Dolce Vita Phoenix Booties (day)

Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges (night)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We did over 300 squats to a medicine ball at Crossfit on Thursday, 60 of which I had a 45lb weight over my head (keep in mind that the Workout of the Day is always AFTER running a mile and doing multiple other things) and my legs are SOOOOO SORE still. I have to run this stupid 5K I signed up for with the boyf while my mom and her friends run the marathon (no biggie, they do them all the time...). I can currently barely sit down without falling and my legs buckle every few steps. Crrrrap. So I bought a foam roller and have periodically been rolling my thighs out and taking tylenol in the vain hope that they'll be somewhat ok tomorrow in between going down to Long Beach to get my race packet. I win the smartness award....

WEARING (condusive to leg rolling out and walking around Long Beach):

Vince Oversize Racerback Tank ($30 at Nordstrom Rack over the summer - forgot I bought it)

American Apparel Neon Bandeau Bra

Zara Black Leggings

Givenchy Jelly Sandals (trying to get some use outta my 2 pairs of Givenchy jellys before its too cold!)

American Apparel Gray Raglan Pullover

Friday, October 9, 2009

Need a Fake Job!

I need to find a Practicum site pronto! Sending out resumes today and waiting for the boyf to come in town. Got a load of books at the library for the flight to Scotland next week (family wedding... No, I'm not Scottish). Also gonna drop by Barnes & Noble and the candy store because sour watermelons have been on my mind all week....


Kate Moss for Topshop Maxi Dress (got at the NYC sale for $40)

Forever 21 Studded SATC belt

White Nation Ltd Dress (underneath - I'm not an exhibitionist, y'all.)

Black Havaianas

Rebecca Minkoff Oliver Bag (Pulled the chain strap through to make it long - got this at her sample sale a year ago for like $200 or something...)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Call Me Skinny and I'll Love You For Life

When I wore that MKA outfit below last week, my friend Rebecca said I looked thin. I can live off a thin compliment for weeks - there's nothing better to hear, is there?

I went home for the weekend and besides a doctor's appt and family time, I attended a couple Phoenix Fashion Week events. While its not the most prestigious fashion event there is, the PR did an amazing job this year; it was a million times better than last year. Although last year, there was an open bar and free Sprinkles cupcakes. So really, I can't complain.

For one of them, I wore this vintage D&G dress, however it made me feel like a stuffed sausage, so I think I'm going to sell it. I just can't do skintight anymore - I ain't 18. I left it at my friend's house though, so I need to get that shiz back. Don't have a pic because its laying on mentioned friend's bed....

I've been wearing leggings and tanks all weekend because they're easy to pack, so instead, let me share some of my Fred Segal sale purchases (I can't help myself - the sale runs for like 3 weeks and its too close to my house to stay away). Besides a buttload of Stila, Burn, Paula Dorf, and Smashbox products on 2/3 off and the Givenchy sandals and J Brand zipper jeans I already showed, I got:

Joie Lucas Silk Top (or I could unbutton it and make it a vest - tricky, I know) - $40

House of Harlow Medallion Necklace - $12

MinkPink Floral Skirt - $50

On a side note, I've noticed that I break necklaces at an alarming rate. Anything from vintage to Forever 21 to Kenneth Jay Lane to Betsey Johnson to Tiffany's, I've broken in the last year. This week, I broke a Forever 21 tiger necklace and a bib necklace, and a vintage piece from the Fairfax Flea Market. Which is why I only buy cheapie jewelry now - I cannot be trusted with nice things. (This also applies to electronics and dry-clean only items).