Monday, July 13, 2009

Cruisin in the HHR

A few weeks ago, a delightfully intelligent teenage girl rear ended me severely while I was stopped at a crosswalk, resulting in my spendind a nice afternoon at UCLA medical center with a concussion and sprained neck and feeling sorry for my poor car that has been through the wringer in it's short BMW life. I dropped it off today to be fixed, and Enterprise gifted me with a large gray box, known as the Chevrolet HHR. Although I think it is just an ugly PT Cruiser-like hybrid, I am trying to bond with it, as we will be spending a few weeks together. I'm home in Scottsdale for a month or so to work and wait for the car to be fixed, so the outfits are going to be miniscule and lacking layering to accomodate the 115 degree heat. Hopefully you understand ;). My black Ray-Ban wayfarers were demolished in the accident, as they flew off my face, hit the dashboard, and broke.... Does anyone know if insurance will pay for them? I was more worried about the glasses after the accident than my head injury....


James Perse White Pocket Tank

American Apparel Black Bandeau Bra

Zara Black Leggings

Givenchy White Jelly Gladiators (purchased for $70 at the Barney's Co-op Outlet in Palm Springs on my LA to AZ drive - can never resist that little shop....)

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  1. omg! Are you okay?????? I am worried about you!!!!!!