Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend Blahs

Not much planned for this weekend - the bf is going out of town for 2 weeks on Monday and I start working at the gym next week and subbing the week after that. At least I'll make some money for....NYC in 3 weeks! (Or really, to pay off my credit card bill before NYC).

Ended up going to Pizzeria Bianco - The Oprah and CNN proclaimed "Best pizza in America" that real Phoenicians tend to steer clear of considering that the two other times I tried to go in the last 5 years, they already had a 3 hour wait at 5pm when they opened. But my dad's invitation to sit at the bar and fund the trip proved enticing and I downed 3 glasses of wine in the 100 degree heat over 2.5 hours. However, when I finally got my pizza, I was thoroughly disappointed (though slightly drunk so I didn't make a fuss). While the mozzarella was like butter and I could have been happy drinking that marinara out of cup, my whole crust was burnt black. Brother and boyfriend kept insisting that it was supposed to look like that due to the brick oven - however, their's looked peculiarly un-burnt. And tasted un-burnt (compared to mine, that on the ends, tasted like a campfire). Totally worth the sweltering wait - thanks Bianco. Never again.


Anna Sui Silk Dress (on super-sale a few months ago from the designer shop at Nordstrom Rack for like $45... And without a weird rope around my waist...)

Dolce Vita Marley Gladiators


American Apparel Crop Top

C&C California White Bold Classic Tank

7 For All Mankind DIY Distressed Cutoffs

Dolce Vita Ellie Sandals

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