Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 Drinks Was 5 Too Many

Its a hungover day. Although at no point yesterday was I fully drunk; I just had one strong drink an hour for 6 hours straight. Apparently this is not a good method to avoid being useless the next day.

Had soooo much fun last night though - went out to the bars with a bunch of random people I went to high school with and had a surprisingly fabulous night!

Today, my mom dropped me off at my car (after praising me for being so responsible - its the little things that please my mother), and I met Becca for Yogurtology deliciousness and an introduction to my new BFF:

Introducing - The A. Wang Brenda in Fuschia!

I think we'll be very happy together.

I tried to go to the gym after an afternoon nap, but the fatigue won out and I went home after a quick 20 min on the elliptical and a few weight sets. Then got Chinese take-out from Flo's for dinner.


Fluxus Gray Burnout Tee

American Apparel Latex Black Miniskirt

Jeffrey Campbell Burbs Heels

Copious amounts of jewelry

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  1. I had SO much fun with you! Sorry I was a bit ridiculous! I've missed you! xxx