Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Did I Just Waste $82 at Forever 21?

Really. I do it everytime I go into the damn store. Every price is so cheap that I think it will all equal $20. It does not. And they don't take returns. Sigh.....

On an even sadder note, I returned the Sam Edelman Zoe boots, on these grounds:
1. Too big (yes, I could try to exchange, but I'm moving back to LA in a week and the logistics of mail forwarding seemed too much).
2. Too high (while I quite enjoyed them, my boyfriend laughed hysterically at them and I will admit that they aren't exactly conducive to my grad school/LA laid-back life).
3. Too expensive (for Sam Edelmans. Its the principle of the thing - they jacked up the price due to popularity, but it kind of just made me not want to participate. Now if they had been the original Balenciagas for $345, that's a different story....)
I'm still depressed about missing out on them though. Every blog seems to be taunting me with them. Hopefully every site will over-order them and they'll end up on sale???


LNA Pink V-Neck T-Shirt (tucked in, black bra)

American Apparel Black Miniskirt

Gold Havaianas

Lots'o Jewelry (I never feel like listing my plethora of Dogeared, vintage, Forever 21, Kenneth Jay Lane, and diamond and pearl ear studs that I wear. and it changes slightly daily. Sorry. Use your imagination?)

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  1. haha i do the same thing at forever 21! they suck u in and take all your money yet I keep going back!