Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yesterday... And Today.


Went to see "Food Inc" - left me with a big duh. Its better to eat local, non-processed, organic foods? No way. 2pm showing was sold out and we had to wait around for the 4:30 though, so that was surprising.

Hit up the Neiman's pre-sale sans Mama, so put stuff on hold until her Neiman's card is readily available (love you Mom!).

Went to dinner at Harolds in Cave Creek with the boyf's friends and dad: the WORST dinner I've ever consumed. I know better than to walk into these cowboy joints and order anything other than a side salad and fries, but last night, I opted for sauteed halibut which meant = fishiness with a bottle of soy sauce dumped on it. I'm still feeling nauseated.


Balenciaga Vest (from Erin Wasson's Garage Sale)

Hanes White Wifebeater

Juicy Couture Black Linen Shorts

Elizabeth & James Knockoff Brown Beads

Dolce Vita High Gladiators (During day)

Jeffrey Campbell Burbs (During night)


Going to see 500 Days of Summer with friend at noon - I don't think I've seen as many movies in the last year as I have these past couple weeks. Thats what Arizona summer heat will do to you; drive you indoors.

Gym. Still sore from Friday's Crossfit. Natch.

Dinner with my madre, her man friend, my man friend, and the younger sibling. To be hopefully much improved over last night's.


American Apparel White Viscose Tank

American Apparel Black Bandeau Bra

Rachel Pally Red Phoebe Skirt

Black Havaianas(Day)

Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges

Gryson Olivia Bag (switched to this for the week - was doing my red Marc Jacobs messenger the last couple weeks)

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