Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caffeine Detox

By the afternoon, on days I do not consume morning caffeine, I have a raging headache. Just like crack addict. But my drug is black tea in the morning and diet coke in the evening. Lame.

Crossfit, errands for my mom, helping my baby brother correct the fraudulent charges on his first big-boy credit card. Exciting life.

Wait, it gets better - Whole Foods for groceries and then the local sushi place with my mom. I am a barrel of entertainment.

HOWEVER, I did order the MUCH-coveted Sam Edelman Moto Booties!!!! They were way overpriced at this point (remember the $99 ones at Victoria's Secret? Shame on me for not being in-the-know enough then) and I got a size up because I heard they run small (and that was all they had anyway). If I get them and are too big/look cheap/uncomfortable, they are going straight back. They must be seriously loved if they want a place on my ever-changing shoe rack...


American Apparel Gray Tee

7 For All Mankind Distressed Cutoffs

Gold Havaianas

Gold Jewelry/Beads in abundance

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