Monday, October 12, 2009

hate. HATE.

I haven't truly hated a class/teacher this much since like, sophomore year of undergrad. and before that, a certain high school teacher. It seems at every school I attend, I will enjoy some of the teachers, be indifferent to most, and have one that truly pisses me off in every way. My semester end evaluation is going to be cruel......
Was doing homework until late last night and ALLLLLL day today until my first class at 4pm. Tired. And the bf took my puppy home with him because I'm going out of town on Thursday. It was the first really chilly day today of the year. Sad, sad, sad.


Topshop Pink Blazer

James Perse White Racerback Tank

J Brand Black Pencil Leg Skinnies

Forever 21 Necklace (in addition to my normal Dogeared necklaces)

Dolce Vita Phoenix Booties (day)

Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges (night)

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  1. haha sooooooo true! i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks like that. i read my mom that post about the skinny compliment/stuffed sausage (my favorite parts) and she couldn't stop laughing. she even quoted you the rest of the day.