Saturday, October 10, 2009


We did over 300 squats to a medicine ball at Crossfit on Thursday, 60 of which I had a 45lb weight over my head (keep in mind that the Workout of the Day is always AFTER running a mile and doing multiple other things) and my legs are SOOOOO SORE still. I have to run this stupid 5K I signed up for with the boyf while my mom and her friends run the marathon (no biggie, they do them all the time...). I can currently barely sit down without falling and my legs buckle every few steps. Crrrrap. So I bought a foam roller and have periodically been rolling my thighs out and taking tylenol in the vain hope that they'll be somewhat ok tomorrow in between going down to Long Beach to get my race packet. I win the smartness award....

WEARING (condusive to leg rolling out and walking around Long Beach):

Vince Oversize Racerback Tank ($30 at Nordstrom Rack over the summer - forgot I bought it)

American Apparel Neon Bandeau Bra

Zara Black Leggings

Givenchy Jelly Sandals (trying to get some use outta my 2 pairs of Givenchy jellys before its too cold!)

American Apparel Gray Raglan Pullover

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  1. Uuuuuhhhhh- I LOVE that American Apparel Neon Bandeau Bra!!!! LOVE IT!