Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Decked in Lace & Leather

So I luuuv my new bib necklace, it was a good decision. Its not as long as it looks in the picture, so I made it longer with a piece of black suede material because I like to think I'm crafty. I'm slightly freaking out right now because I'm planning to go home for two weeks in the middle of April when my semester ends, so that I can sub teach in AZ and make some money (CA requires you to have a teaching certificate to sub, so I can't here). The part I'm freaking out about is packing work and casual outfits for 2 weeks. I'm tempted to bring my whole closet. I don't know how I'm going to do this.

I have like 20 items up on ebay right now, some ending today and some ending in 3 days, so check out my screenname there - beach03me!

Oh! And FYI, the Mike & Chris going out of business alert going around the web yesterday was a mistake. claims they are NOT going out of business, their old manufacturer is. But there is still a great sample sale.

American Apparel Sebastian Teller Black Viscose Tee

Forever 21 Bib Necklace

Alexander Wang Distressed Denim Shorts

Spanx Black Tights

Via Spiga Black Riding Boots