Thursday, March 19, 2009

Erin Wasson Spotting!

So we were sitting outside at the cafe at Fred Segal Santa Monica yesterday, when who walks in but Erin Wasson! She sat right next to us, smoking cigs and talking on her cell phone. Of course, we listened to the whole conversation. She was wearing a TINY black dress, prob vintage, but she looked uncomfortable and was pulling it down, most likely cause it was totally inapprops for daytime attire. She was gorgeous in real life, and talking about a personal clothing auction she was having to benefit an animal shelter. When is this, and can I pleasssse go?

Taking Becca shopping today around LA, then a quick class, then the downtown LA fashion week event! So excited! Maybe Erin Wasson will be there.

PS. If you don't know who Erin Wasson is, look up at my blog banner. Thats her line. She is the most wanted model right now, with a sweet line for RVCA and the sickest clothes I have ever seen. Plus, I'm pretty sure she hasn't eaten in about 12 years. She is so skinny. I'm jeals.


Michael Stars Tunic (in white)

American Apparel Gray Hoodie

American Apparel Latex Leggings

Black Havaianas


Alexander Wang White Silk Blouse

American Apparel Latex Leggings

Report Signature Cap-toe Pumps



  2. Sales—Erin Wasson’s Garage Sale at Rogue Status in Venice!