Saturday, March 21, 2009

Erin Wasson Clothing Sale!

OMG, so crazy. It started at 11am, when I got there at 10:45, there were about 15-20 people in front of me in line. As soon as they opened the doors, with Erin standing there in sweatpants, platform sandals, and a bun in her hair, girls went flying in and grabbed everything they could (as did I!). I mentioned to Erin that I was sitting by her at Fred Segal and got the blogs in a bit of a frenzy about the sale. She had some amazing vintage and designer pieces, nothing over $100, and it was all gone within 30 minutes of the store being open. I'm considering selling a couple pieces on my eBay, and I also am putting up a bunch of clothes today, so check it out! Here's the haul. FYI, my photography skills are unparalleled.

Elizabeth & James White Collared Shirt

Balenciaga Vest

Vintage Plaid Shirt

Chie Mihara White Leather Gladiator Sandals (these looked completely new!)

Urban Outfitters Splatter Leggings

Then, bf and I went to lunch at Bread & Porridge on Wilshire, and then took a visit to the La Brea Tar Pits because he likes anything that will create a mess. I also stopped at Saks and returned the T by Alexander Wang T-shirt dress I ordered. It finally came on back-order, and after I ripped it open and tried it on, I found that it so did not fit how I wanted it to. Apparently my body is different from the Saks model. Who knew, right? I did keep this one however, that I wore today:

T by Alexander Wang Gray Racerback Dress

Forever 21 Black Blazer

Spanx Black Tights

Minnetonka Black Lace-Up Moccasins

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  1. yummy shopping ..I wish I'd live there....too bad there was only one photo of Erin at the sale..oh well