Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time To Get Dressed

Decided to get out of my sweats and get dressed today. Two days of sloppiness is enough for me. Went to Crossfit last night and after an intense kettleball and chin-up workout, I left with the side of my right hand swollen and feeling numb. After a call to my doctor (whichever parent answers the phone), I was advised to ice and elevate it, and if I didn't regain feeling in an hour or two, go to emerg. I really didn't want to spend hours waiting in a hospital where they'd likely xray it, tell me nothing is broken and to ice it and take tylenol, so luckily it started feeling better later on. Today, its still swollen but now its hurting, not numb. Progress?

Outfit Today:

Vintage Red Plaid Shirt, Unbuttoned on top (my mom's mom made this for her in high school). I've got a little J.Simp overload going on, no more pictures of her. She just wears a lot of plaid and sweatpants. Sometimes at the same time.

Splendid Black Dress

BP Gray Leggings

Minnetonka Lace-up Moccasins

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