Saturday, June 13, 2009

Current/Elliott and Joie Sample Sale

To cheer myself up in the midst of everything yesterday, I went to the Current/Elliott and Joie sample sale. While the Joie selection was massive, it wasn't that impressive because the stock they had dated back to like, 5 or 6 years ago. I remember those pieces from the beginning of college! However, the Current/Elliott merch was uhmaaazzing. They had every style jean I've ever seen them make in every wash - boyfriend jeans, acid-wash, distressed, skinnies, button-ups, etc. I got three pairs of jeans and a work top and felt a little hopeful about life. Is it pathetic how mood-lifing clothes are for me??

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans (darker and not bleached like the ones I already have)

Current/Elliott Charcoal Skinny Jeans

Current/Elliott White Boyfriend Jeans (I had these from eBay but they were way too big so I got them in my normal size and I'm selling the originals)

Current/Elliott Denim Oversized Work Shirt

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  1. wow! you grabbed some amazing things at the sample sale!! so jealous that you get to live in a city WITH sample sales! and yea, shopping is definitely a mood-lifter for me too, especially getting good deals! my husband cringes when he knows i'm having a rough time at work because that means i'll be buying everything i lay my hands on! hehe