Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Gloom

Aren't people all over the world jealous of the great California weather? So why is it June and 60 freakin' degrees outside?! Its been gray and chilly since I drove back from 110 degree Arizona, and Good Day LA tells me that its going to stay this way all week. So much for the new shorts and skirts I wanted to bust out....

I have a presentation and a test tomorrow, so I have to buckle down and go to the library this afternoon (barf.)

PS, those Tracy Feith for Target dresses came, and those suckers were SO tiny! I'm normally a size 6, I ordered 7s and the short one didn't even cover my butt, while the long one I could not get zipped! Didn't feel that fat thought, because I had checked the reviews and everyone said to order at least 2 sizes up. I was once told, don't buy clothes in a bigger size because you're telling yourself that its ok to be that size. Work to fit into your normal size. While I would need Crisco and prayer to fit into these guys (thank you Kelly Rowland - has anyone watched the Fashion Show yet?), I still hold onto that sentiment. And back to Target they went.


American Apparel Crop Top in Light Green

C&C California White Classic Tank

Current/Elliot Boyfriend Jeans

Steve Madden Gold Sandals

Rebecca Minkoff Oliver Bag


  1. Ohhh, love those sandals!
    I don't totally agree with your size mantra though. Your Target purchase is a perfect example of how wonky sizes can be from brand to brand and even particular styles from one designer, so I don't think it's a bad thing to buy the size that fits, and not get hung up on a number. Not that I'm saying you should ignore a constant uprising in your sizing either though. *shrugs* I guess it's a balance of knowing you are healthy and trying on a lot of clothes! :D
    Good luck on finishing up your school work!

  2. Save meeeee! I am stuck in Japan!!! grrrrrr....

  3. No crushes on high school teachers- just one in 8th grade and college...