Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Test Day = Quick Post

This weather is depressing, however it fits my mood when I'm stuck in the library all day studying for my physiological psychology test. Gotta study, so just a quick outfit post:

Target Draped Sweater

Vintage Bryan Adams Tee

C&C California White Ribbed Tank

Target Black Leggings

Black Havaianas

Wasteland Black Beanie

A bunch-a Jewelry


  1. i just dropped by my forever 21 yesterday and they still had the fringe booties there... in fact, a whole shelf of them! of course, this is houston so that may explain why it hasn't sold out yet!

    is there a reason why you don't take pictures of yourself? i love the combinations you choose in making your outfits and would LOVE to actually see pics of all of them together on you!