Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Do I Lose Things?

I cannot be trusted with nice things. I lose/break/make dirty every nice thing I have: my car, my laptop/my Balenciaga/my iPod, etc. This week, I lost my Pepperdine parking pass and I have no idea where it ran off to. Bad grad student, bad! I'm seriously scatter-brained, its a mental disorder.

Also, FYI, my House of Harlow, Marc Jacobs, and Kenneth Jay Lane rings all have been leaving green rings around my fingers. Does this mean copper? I know this means cheap jewelry, but the only expensive jewelry I own are my diamond studs and pearl studs that I never take out of my ears (I have 2 holes in each, duh) and am constantly reassuring myself that they are still there. See above.
Finally, did the Hills finale last night suck, or did it suck? I think it sucked. Kristen is a bad actor and looked sickeningly happy to finally have a job, Heidi's frothy wedding knows no bounds, Lauren looked like she wanted to book it out of there and eventually did. And Kristen was in desperate need of a bra - you can't free ball it in thin silk!


Vintage Red Plaid Shirt (was my mom's in the 70s - I heart it!)

Sharon Segal White Tank

J Brand Charcoal Lovestory Jeans

Dolce Vita Gladiator Wedges

Piles of bracelets/rings


  1. I lose things ALL the daily...

  2. hahaha, totally agree with your hills review! i dont know why the hell i even watch. ugggh kristin soo needed a bra, like bad!