Thursday, September 24, 2009


So my Toshiba laptop decided to die on me Monday morning. Unfortunately, I know those friggin Best Buy geek squad members so personally because this is not the first time its happened. This is the replacement one because the last one perished. So I decided its time to get a new one.... I pondered for 2 full days between Macs and PCs because while my mom and brother both have fancy Macbook Pros, the boyf is adamently against them. In the end, I decided to give PCs one more chance when I found this pretty flowered HP with amazing reviews. BUT after ordering it, I was informed its on backorder so who knows when it will actually show up. Its fantastic since I'm not in grad school or anything and REALLY need my laptop....

If it fails me again, everyone can say I told you so.....


T Alexander Wang Gray Dress ($50ish on sale from Revolve)

LF White Blazer ($67 from the LF sale - mine's more boyfriendy w/ rolled sleeves)

Forever 21 Gold/Pearl Necklace

Gray Havaianas