Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Important Questions

The Hills brought me some questions last night, as followed:
1. Kristin has been bopping around to all the media outlets saying that the Hills is fake, she does what the producers tell her, she is a serious actress, blahblahblah. Do the producers know this? Cuz she's kind of ruining their front.
2. Does Audrina know this? Because I think she really believes that Kristin is encroaching on her man. You can't be mean to Audrina like that, even in pretend land. That's like being mean to a 5 year old.
3. Why are they acting like Lauren died/moved to Tibet/doesn't exist? I'm pretty sure she's still living in LA. In the same WeHo neighborhood as the rest of the crew.
4. Why is Kristin friends with Stacie the bartender? Was she ever really a bartender?
5. Why is Spencer wearing a cowboy hat?
6. I went to Tart last week too. Just FYI. Delish.
7. I love that Stephanie Pratt is wearing the Rebecca Minkoff bag I saw her buy at the sample sale last spring. Hehehe. And Justin Bobby just looks dirtttyyyyy. And since when does he take people on dates to fancy steakhouses?
8. If I was getting paid $90,000 per episode, I'd do whatever the producers tell me too. I realize these aren't questions anymore, so I'll just stop.

Test today! My studying motivation is at dangerously low levels for this being the first month back at school.


James Perse White Pocket Tank

J Brand The Deal Zippered Skinnies (curse you Fred Segal sale)

Forever 21 Beaded Bib Necklace

Sam Edelman Moto Booties

Red RayBan Wayfarers (replacement for the black ones that broke due to the darling who rear-ended me in June)

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