Friday, April 3, 2009

Fab Friday!

Sometimes, I'm so happy its Friday! And I don't even work! The bf is coming in town tonight, and I'm taking him to dinner, because thats just the kind of nice girlfriend I am :). Soooo jealous I was not at the Topshop opening in New York yesterday, although I will agree (with everyone else) that their prices went WAY up since they started online American sales. Has anyone else noticed that Christian Siriano is the only Project Runway winner that actually had success? Heidi needs to realize that more important than being a good designer, they need to have fierce personality! Poor little Chloe Dao never had a chance.....

Herve Leger LUV! Would also love that bod to go with it.....

Has anyone else seen these? I came across them at the POOL TradeShow Mike & Chris Sample sale, and now they're on DailyCandy LA. They are flowers to put on the top of any show, with elastic around the bottom. Looks like a big flowered hair-tie. Thoughts?

Abercrombie & Fitch HUGE Flannel Plaid Shirt

American Apparel Latex Leggings

Splendid Gray V-Neck Tee

Black Havaianas

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