Monday, April 13, 2009


My hands are ripped up like my gymnast days. Crossfit moved into a new facility, and the chin-up bar isn't taped like the old one. Therefore, my delicate hands get thrashed! I got 4 rips last night, two of them on the same chin-up. Now my palms are covered in band-aids. Its pretty hot.

The blog has been dated a day behind lately because I have been opening a new post the night before. Many apologies if you're confused on my life. But I figure no one gives a shiz. :)

Another longggg day of studying, finals week in grad school is even more fun than undergrad. I could have predicted this though, its my own fault really..... I've been trying to keep myself out of sweats on these study days, as there are real clothes that are just as comfy. My own little personal goal.

American Apparel Gray Zip-Up Hoodie

Target Black Maxi-Dress

Black Havaianas

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