Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

Who wants to go to this with me on Saturday???

So I was thoroughly disappointed with Gilt Group's Louboutin sample sale today. I set my alarm, logged on right when it began, and promptly spent an hour clicking on pretty much every shoe on there, waiting for the super-crammed server to process this, and then either the page refused to load after waiting for 5 minutes, or I was told it was already in someone else's cart. It was reminiscent of my teenager days of buying N'Sync tickets right when the fan club pre-sale started and getting shut out immediately because scalpers had taken all the good tickets. (Then I would pay exorbitant amounts of hard-earned babysitting and later, restaurant hostessing money to the ticket brokers. But thats another sad, sad story).

Then I decided to hit up the Jenni Kayne sample sale at their offices since it was not too far from my place. It was AMAZING. $1500 dresses marked down to $65, $1000 jackets for $75, assorted samples for $10-20. I selected three pieces that I was thoroughly happy with - a maxi dress, a satin boyfriend blazer, and a purple floaty chiffon mini-dress (got this guy home and found a gaping hole in the back - however I am hoping the tailor can fix it for me):

Screw you Gilt Group, I can handle sample sales on my own!
Feelin' a little Blair Waldorf-ish today:

American Apparel Gray Deep V-Neck

American Apparel Black Miniskirt

Kova & T Black Lace Tights

Forever 21 Black Blazer (I sewed on funky vintage gold buttons onto this baby)

Tory Burch Black Reva Ballerina Flats

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pearls