Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SOOO sore.

I did the elliptical for half an hour last night on some intense resistance settings, and then went to Crossfit this morning and got pummeled by different kinds of squats the whole hour. My legs now feel like jello and my butt burnssss. I'm finished one paper (thats due at 4pm), and starting another (that's due tomorrow at 4pm) and I'm totally bored with both of them. I'm over this first semester of grad school. Only two weeks left, then finals. Than summer session. ooooh boy.

There's this salad from Trader Joe's that I could eat everyday: the reduced fat Chinese Chicken Salad. I don't normally get the Chinese salads due to my nut allergy, but this one is nut-free, low-fat, and delish! Try it!

So apparently its April Fools Day. I am not a fan of pranks. Or holidays where people act retarded. Or when blogs I normally enjoy try to play stupid jokes on its readers. Makes me want to block the site. Think twice bloggers, think twice.

Finally: Did anyone else see Erin Silver go insane on last night's 90210:The Shitty New Version? It was totally awesome Emily Valentine style, and almost made up for this show's horribleness. Almost.

Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage Plaid Blazer (Gotta wear this guy one more time before its too hot for heavy vintage blazers!)

James Perse White Racerback Tank

Juicy Couture Black Linen Shorts

Target Ripped Black Tights

Via Spiga Black Flat Riding Boots


  1. just found your blog! i love it :) it seems like we have a million things in common (like loving velvet!) :) trade links?