Saturday, April 18, 2009

We've Got More Bounce in California....

Home in Scottsdale! I love being home, but after hitting up the Culinary Festival, I also really hate Scottsdale. It sounds like a nice day of gourmet food right? No. Its Affliction-shirt, tan, roided-out Scottsdale losers drinking in the beer garden for amazingly expensive prices ($10 to get in, $10 or something for the beer garden, $2/3 for each TINY little cup of beer on a string around your neck). And some booths with good food that are impossible to get to through the crowds in the 90 degree weather. And girls wearing T-Bags maxi dresses everywhere (like its 2007 or something).

Afterwards, my mom took me for manis and pedis and I was rejuvenated, so don't worry about me.

I'm just upset that I spent $30 at the picnic and $25 on bad pizza for dinner. That could have been much more wisely spent on clothing.

American Apparel Viscose White Tank

Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Skirt w/ Zippers

Black Havaianas

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