Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Needs Money? Not Me.

So of course over the last week and yesterday, I was bombarded with substitute teaching jobs and today, when I'm finally ready to take them, the phone turned silent. Instead, my mother gave me a lonnggggg list of chores to do for her today - research and buy a new stainless steel fridge to be delivered, pick up prescriptions at drugstore, go to the vet and get dog food, get moisturizer and shaving cream, make dinner, etc. Then I'm going to the gym. Because I'm extremely exciting.

Forever 21 Black Racerback Tunic (looks like my gray T Alexander Wang one but shorter!)

American Apparel Neon Bandeau Bra (peeking out underneath)

Target Tie-Dye Leggings

Gray Havaianas


  1. Good luck finding a fridge!

  2. You're quite the busy bee! LOVE the outfit!! LOVE!
    ~~In regards to me calling in sick to work- it can't be done. Not ever. That's what totally blows about my job. No one can cover. Even when I broke my foot on Christmas Day, I had to go to work hours later. Uhhhh- I hate my job right now. Hate it.