Friday, February 27, 2009

Drivin' clothes

Made the long drive back to S-dale, zonking on the couch and gonna order food to pick up from my favorite place in the world with amazing, healthy food and totally rude and inattentive servers who are too hip for their own good, Pita Jungle. On a sad note, my giant purple Miu Miu ripped apart from the strap today, apparentely it can't handle the intense weight of my master's level school books. I made a temporary and invisible fix with string and superglue. We'll see how long this holds.

Elizabeth & James Maxi Tee (wearing it as a dress, cuz I've deluded myself into thinking its long enough)

Target Ripped Up Tights

Minnetonka Lace Up Moccasins

Ray Ban Wayfarers

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