Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frye Boots

I've been wanting the Frye Harness boots for months now, so I finally got myself a pair on eBay as a reward for selling 5 items! I get the heeby-jeebies about used shoes, so I had to hunt for a new pair, which I got for $85! I'm excited! They retail for $218, and the only place I've ever seen them on sale is a random boutique in Venice, but they didn't have my size.

Katherine Heigl and TR Knight finally quit Gray's Anatomy, have they not been trying to bail for like, 2 years now? I'm not sure what TR thinks is in store for him now, but I'm sure K.Heig will be fine. On a food note, I made brown rice pasta from Trader Joe's tonight. It smelled like a petting zoo and turned the water milky. It tasted only slightly better than that description. Brown rice pasta was a bad choice.

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  1. I saw that stuff at TJ's and thought it looked a little funky. :P