Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grammy Awards

Ok, these were DEF my favorite awards dresses out of all the ceremonies this year. The ladies bring out the big guns for the Grammys. Drama ensued however, you'll hear as soon as it hits normal airwaves and not my obsessive celeb blogs, Chris Brown may have beat up Rihanna (no beuno!), she called the cops, and they both pulled out at the last minute. Usher's wife had complications with her plastic surgery in Brazil, he jetted off to save her, and he pulled out at the last minute. Intense.

LeeAnn Rimes (Its actually a skirt and top, crafty Ms.Rimes!)

Jennifer Hudson (love J.Hud, but I really feel like she won a Grammy because her family was killed in such a tragic way. Which was a nice gesture. But perhaps not what she wants to win a Grammy for?)

Miley Cyrus (Its Miley!)

Kim Kardashian (I just appreciate a structural dress - see J.Hud)

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