Thursday, February 5, 2009


Mentally. Exhausted. Sick of thinking. oaiswjfokjasuhyiuwhajknflkas.Urgh.

Had a test today, spent all day yesterday and today in the library and it was still incredibly hard. Grad school is super fun times. Its also been raining all day. Its raining, its pouring. My outfit included a giant gray Calypso by Christiane Celle Fishermans sweater, thick, down to my knees, with toggle buttons and a hood, that I swaddled up in. However I cannot find a pic of it. So you will just have to use your imaginations kids. Maybe someday I will let you in on the coziness.

Barney's Men's Green Plaid Shirt (bought for BF, didn't fit, became mine. Roomy.)

J Brand Pencil Leg Jeans

Seychelles Boots

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