Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writing Wednesday

I am at the tail end of a 15 page paper, just need to write the conclusion, which I reaallly don't want to do, I'm so bored with it already. Instead, I am looking at every fashion blog's NY Fashion Week updates, and drooling. These black Givenchy wedges were $300 (retailed for like $1200ish) at the last day of the Barney's Warehouse Sale (which was mostly picked through at that point), and as much as I loveddd them, they cut up my feet just walking around the shoe area. Damn. $300 is way too much for super painful shoes. You'd think they'd be comfy because of the wedge but no....

Alexander Wang's new shoe line has come to life on his website although they all look suspiciously the same, I wonder how these guys will be priced:

I used to think I was really against wearing tights with open-toed shoes, but Nicole Richie has been doing it a lot lately, and I think she may have converted me. In both pics, she's wearing her Pierre Hardy peep-toe booties:


  1. Good luck on your paper!

  2. just a comment to let you know i changed my blog. even though it sucks! ha

  3. That's so weird that all the shoes are on the same platform... hmmmm