Monday, February 2, 2009

New Shoes Cure the Blues

Last night I was feelin' kinda lonely since the BF left, so instead of going to the gym or doing my homework, I bought some shoes. I would like to point out that they were shoes on incredible sale on, a New-York based shoe store. (Good thing I am in the midst of a nice chunk of eBay money from the sale of old possessions).

I got these Dolce Vita Black Leather Boots for..... Wait for it..... $30! I know!

I got these Jeffrey Campbell Studded Heels, that are dead ringers for the Gucci Babouska heels. I was considering these last summer, and then I saw them on sale, so duh! Had to get them. Guess which ones are which:

(The top ones are Jeffrey Campbell, the bottom ones are Gucci - $100 vs $1000).

I also love these affordable guys:

Jeffrey Campbell Burbs (Knockoffs of Burberry studded sandals from a year or so ago)

Bakers Studded Boots (More Gucci Babouska knockoffs... Gucci made this shoe in a sandal, pump, bootie, and boot!)


Did Serena and Dan really just break up AGAIN? Who do they think they are? Ross and Rachel?

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