Saturday, January 24, 2009

Throw Something Together...

So I'm home in AZ right now, and I'm meeting my friend for dinner, but her friend has a table and bottle service at a fun bar, so she wants to go out after. I didn't really think I was going out on this trip (just to dinner once or twice), but because I overpack for everything and just throw random things into my suitcase, I figured out an outfit:

Alisha Levine Silk Racerback Tank (Mine is a coral color)

J Brand Lovestory Jeans (the ones I got at the Fred Segal sale!)

Jessica Simpson Striker Platform Sandals

Mike & Chris Black Leather Jacket (This one is much more like the one I have than the old pic. They make so many damn leather jackets every season, its impossible to find the exact one!)


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