Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday is New Phone Day!

So I convinced my darling mother to take me to AT&T (stay on a family plan as long as you can... write that down), and it was time for my upgrade, so I got a new red Blackberry Curve! Ok, granted it is just a fat version of my old one, but this one is not broken (pretty sure) and number one bonus, it has a voice recorder so you can record music and use it as your ringtone!

On my drive home from LA, I couldn't resist stopping at the Cabazon outlets in Palm Springs. The Barney's outlet was calling my name. While I was home, I stopped at the local Nordstrom Rack in Scottsdale, because it is one of the only ones in the country with a Designer Shop (aka my 2nd home). Every time I fall off the wagon and go on a shopping bender (once a week), I try to sell the equivalent out of my closet on eBay. Visit my eBay (name is beach03me) and check out my selection (including the previously-mentioned Marni boots. They were too expensive to have nowhere to wear them!). This way, I make back quite a bit of the money, however, I have sold almost 300 items and had to deal with a handful of completely rude and dishonest buyers, and the 2 negative comments I have recieved out off all of those really irk me. Damn eBay for having a monopoly on online auctions! Also, if I sell things, my closet stays relatively organized and well-stocked. My closet is a very exclusive selection of ONLY amazingness. Here's what I picked up this weekend:

Barney's Coop Black Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

Madison Marcus Silk Studded Navy Tank (similar to this one)

J Brand Bayou Skinny Jeans

L.A.M.B Red Suede Booties

Monrow Red Vest

Marc by Marc Jacobs White Tuxedo Blazer

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