Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nice Little Saturday...

This was my first Saturday without the boyfriend here, I think I did pretty well though. Go me! I'm independent! I woke up, had some Special K with raisins and bananas added, and walked down to the Santa Monica farmer's market, with my reusable bags or course. I got a butternut squash, a sweet potato, some cherry tomatoes (normal tomatoes have really been sucky this season!), some little Japanese oranges, 2 sweet limes, and some 9-grain bread. Then I went to Whole Foods and got some fish, chicken, soy sauce, etc., that I couldn't get at the market. I came home, made a delish lunch, and went to the DecadesTwo shoe sale. It didn't really impress me, there were Loubs (Christian Louboutin), Choos (Jimmy Choos), and Chloe shoes, but all not in great shape or great prices. So I walked down Melrose to the Madison warehouse and went crazy! Got a gray Phillip Lim 3.1 dress for $40, a black Splendid dress for $27, LNA zipper leggings for $42, LNA high waisted black skirt for $27, and a black Mara Hoffman bustier top for $25. They're shown below, except for the Phillip Lim dress (couldn't find a stock photo, and didn't feel like taking one myself....) I tried to go the Fred Segal on Melrose because the sale has progressed to 75% off, but the power was out there and they were kicking everyone out! The universe was trying to tell me something....

Mara Hoffman Top (mine is black)

LNA Skirt

Splendid Dress (got a black one)

LNA Zipper Leggings

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