Thursday, January 22, 2009



I need a new phone. My red Blackberry Pearl BLOWS. It drops pretty much every call I make. The screen has two cracks because I'm a clumsy kid. The clumsiest. And the letters do not correspond with the numbers properly because apparently, Blackberry thinks they're special and they don't have to follow standard rules. So if someone gives a number like 1-800-CAN-TCALL, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT NUMBER THAT IS. And its too small to properly text. And it doesn't have a voice recorder so I can record songs and use them as my ringtone and not have to buy ringtones.

So if you could please buy me a Blackberry Curve/Bold/Storm, or an IPhone, or one of those new LG ones, I would appreciate it.

I know, I'm needy.

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