Saturday, January 31, 2009

She Be Buzzin All Over Me....

So I'm super allergic to everything, and every morning I take a Zyrtec. Zac and I went to brunch at Newsroom Cafe on Robertson, and he got a whole-grain pancake that I had a bite of, and got a mouthful of pecans that we were both unaware were in there. Immediately, I got itchy in the throat-el region, so I took a Benedryl, and my Albuterol inhaler without thinking. This resulted in acute Ephedrine overload from all three drugs. I got all shaky and dizzy for awhile, and then fell asleep while Zac drove us home. I am now recuperating. I am also a walking ad for American Apparel.

American Apparel Purple 50/25/25 Tee

American Apparel Black Leggings

Minnetonka Lace-Up Boots

Ray-Ban Black Wayfarers

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