Friday, May 15, 2009

Stephanie Pratt Sighting

So I went to the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale this morning, and who should show up shopping next to me but Stephanie Pratt. Last year at this same sample sale, Michelle Trachtenberg reached for the same bag as me, FYI. Steph was all smiles, tan skinny limbs and hair extensions. She held up the line while making her decisions, and eventually bought a 3 morning after bags - a yellow leather one, a tie-dyed blue one, and a black and white tweed one, as well as a wallet. She then showed off the bag she was wearing to the clerks, which apparently she designed herself. It was black leather, sort of circular, with a silver chain shoulder strap. Oh lord.

I, on the other hand, got myself a gorgeous morning after bag in red leather with gold hardware and a shoulder strap. We are now in love. I also now have to sell things on eBay (including a Marc Jacobs blazer, Joie top, Mystique sandals, Marc Jacobs skirt, and Rachel Pally dress), so check out my stuff! My screen name is beach03me, it should all be up by the end of the day.

The boyf comes in town today! Yayyy! He hasn't been here in so longggg. We're considering going up to Santa Barbara for the day... Does anyone know if it's still on fire? Lemme know, thanks.


an Apparel Black Viscose Tee

Levi's Vintage DIY Studded Skirt

Kimchi & Blue Black Gladiator Sandals


  1. Stephanie Pratt annoys the shit outta me. Not a fan. If I saw her, I'd have to restrain myself from hitting her in the baby maker. Yes, I find her that annoying.

  2. The Japanese kids are teaching you inappropriate defense mechanisms.

  3. how were the prices? im thinking about going tomorrow but i want to see if itll be worth it..