Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Hate Homework....

I need to do homework and my motivation level is -100 right now. I have yet to do anything productive today except choose my outfit.... There's seriously something wrong with me. I am OCD about checking the oven, stove, hair straighteners/hair dryers, candles, etc when I leave because I constantly think the house is going to burn down. And last night I went to bed and left the oven on all night! Gahhhh!!!!

Trying to decide whether to go home early for my brother's grad, since I have no school at all next week (did not know this when I booked the flight)... but damn US Airways and their $100 change fee! I need to get my hair colored when I am home, the roots (although dirty blond) are showing like a girl from Arkansas. However, my laziness knows no bounds these days.... I've got a migraine - extra strength Tylenol, here I come!


American Apparel White Viscose Tank

American Apparel Black Bandeau Bra

7 for all Mankind Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Johnny Wujek for Modern Vintage Gladiators (mine are silver - got at the Planet Blue sale for $56 yesterday (normally $225)!)

Jenni Kayne Satin Blazer (cuz my classrooms are chilly and I don't get out until 10pm... grad school is so silly)

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