Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Sub Job for Me....

So I was hoping that I would be able to get a sub job today (teachers call in during the last week of school, right?) but no... Instead, I'm gonna hit up Last Chance, and then meet Rachel for lunch and drinks at the Vig.

The Jon & Kate episode last night was really sad. Whether Jon/Kate are cheating or not, their marriage is obviously falling apart. They barely spoke at their kid's party, and Kate is even more of a biznatch than usual, while Jon just looks depressed. I predict that they'll be divorced within 6 months, just watch....
The Hills was exciting for the sole reason that Kristin is back! OMG, I love that homewrecker.

I'm LOVIN' this week off school! Its like my spring break (which for some reason I didn't get - grad students need spring break too Pepperdine!)


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  1. I think they've been separated for the last 6 months. I see divorce in their future.