Sunday, May 24, 2009

Having a Fat Weekend....

Do you ever just have a week or two where you decided that you're totally fat? I'm completely having a fat weekend. It involves wearing lots of leggings...

Drove home from LA to Scottsdale Friday, spent Saturday gymming it, running errands with my madre (including checking out Tracy Feith for Target - got two dresses you'll def
see soon), going to Pure Sushi for dinner and drinks with my dad, and shopping today on Sunday with my mom, where she got me the Elizabeth & James dress below that Nicole Richie has (she is wearing a cardigan over) for 70% off at the BBZ boutique!!!


Target Black Leggings AND Hanes White Wifebeater

JET by John Eshaya Plaid Flannel Shirt (tied around my waist)

Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges

House of Harlow Ginormous Ring


Rachel Pally Mexico Dress in Cream (this is the dress that ties 800 ways, and yet I only wear it like Jessica is wearing it here)

Modern Vintage Gladiator Sandals in Silver

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  1. I feel fat every day here. So, so, so many skinnies in Japan! I don't understand how they are all so skinny! They eat whatever they want- and a lot of it! Lucky Genes!!! Lucky Biatches! ;-)