Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do I Think I'm Shenae Grimes?

Apparently so, since the outfit I put together is exactly what she was wearing one day last fall right down to the bag, but swapping out the boots for booties since its almost summer. I'm pathetic. I've got Degrassi on the mind. Don't worry, I wore a little tank dress underneath as not to expose myself, since I am not a starlet.

Abercrombie & Fitch XL plaid shirt, Kova & T lace tights, C & C California green tank dress, Minnetonka black moccasin booties, Foley & Corinna gray city tote.

I'm craving these Current/Elliott White Distressed Boyfriend Jeans. I would never dare to do skinny white jeans even though I luuuurve them, because I'm not that delusional about the size of my man-thighs, so I think these would be the perfect option. As soon as I find a deal on them, I'm gonna snap em' up I think ($225 is a lot to spend on trend-of-the-moment jeans).

Questions I have about Monday night TV:
1. Why was the creepy guy who posed as Peyton's brother and then tried to rape and kill her on prom night now the creepy guy in the Gossip Girl 80s flashback? Can't the CW find new actors?
2. Can Brooke get through one episode of One Tree Hill this season without crying?
3. Who decided that Nick Lachey/Steven Colletti/the singing girl could act, and should?
4. Can someone just let Lauren quit the Hills NOW, instead of at the end of the season? She looks like she wants to hurt herself on every episode.
5. Why did the Hills cameras feel the need to spotlight Audrina's sparkly Balmain heels walking into dinner with Justin Bobby, alla Kelly Clarkson in her I Do Not Hook Up video?


Finally, why do more people not watch How I Met Your Mother? Its seriously hilarious.

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