Sunday, May 31, 2009

Accomplishments of the Day

1. I resisted the Splendid/Ella Moss sample sale AND the fashion blogger's sale today because spending money is no bueno for awhile. Like, at least a week.
2. 8 loads of laundry - whites, colors, delicates, reds, sheets, blankets, pillows, bleaching.....

3. Put away 8 loads of laundry.

4. New patio table from Urban Outfitters assembled. Cute huh?

5. Dishes. Kitchen cleaning. Bathroom cleaning.
6. Listed multiple things on eBay - Paige jeans, Rory Beca/Black Halo/Marc Jacobs/Kooba items. Check em out!!!
7. And then, after such a productive day, I got dressed for the gym and checked the hours quickly online... AND THE STUPID THING CLOSED AT 5!!! 24 HOUR FITNESS - FALSE NAME. ugh. Now I'm going to attempt some pilates/pushups/squats in my tiny studio. Oh well.


Vintage Plaid Flannel Shirt

White Wifebeater

Victoria's Secret Pink Sweats

Navy Havaianas

My FAVE Workout Pants (Something I'm super picky about... Like I'm not picky about all clothes...):

So Low Foldover Yoga Pants (I have a few pairs of these in black and navy, they are comfy, flattering, and do not ride down when bending over)

LuluLemon Pants and Capris (my second fave - breathable material and flattering, you just have to make sure you choose the right size, otherwise they can cause a muffin top if they're too small, or slip right off your hips if they're too large).

8. Not an accomplishment - the stupid blogger won't let me fix the posts that couldn't be read... Thats so weird, I could read them. Sorry. All that I said that day was that I bought some stuff (you can see the pictures, right?) and that my poor puppy had to have 5 teeth extracted because she has serious dental issues, despite my efforts in stopping the plaque. FYI. If you care.

9. Marissa - where did your blog go??

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