Monday, May 4, 2009

MET Costume Gala

My faves from the MET Costume Gala (AKA the Fashion Oscars):

Diane Kruger (A person who is only useful when she brings Pacey Witter with her on the carpet).

Miranda Kerr (Rose McGowan-esque without the nakedness)

Madonna (another lady who is not a personal favorite, but ya gotta give credit where due when its innovative)

Kate Beckinsdale (this lady loves a train)

Rachel Bilson (although it looks like her boobs are being dragged downwards)

Ashley Olsen (braless - for the rustic look?)

Jessica Stam (aka The Stam. Some fashion people are in love with her on the level of Erin Wasson. Me, not so much. But I enjoyed her Rodarte dress).

Jessica Biel (I normally hate her. But I applaud whomever dressed her bitchy ass).

Claudia Schiffer (rockin' it mama, so Wang-esque!)

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