Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Post Lacked a Title Until Sarah Pointed it Out to Me

Anyone know a good hair extension person in LA that won't charge me thousands????

No school today, gotta get everything done that I need to since I have not been in LA in 2.5 weeks.....

Wearing Today (with a hippie headband, natch):

Indah Maxi Dress

Dolce Vita Black Gladiators


  1. i love that dress! i know a good girl,Jennifer - i used to work at her boutique back in undergrad. the place is called jennifer jeanne boutique, its a few blocks from LMU and she does a great job..she does a ton of playboy bunnys. dont have her number on hand since im in colombia and my phone is dead, but google it and im sure itll come up! It's on Lincoln.

  2. This post does not have a Title. You need to take care of that. I like Titles.
    hehe. Thank you.

  3. Sorry Sarah. I didn't even notice....