Thursday, May 21, 2009


To Jessica and Kelly:
FYI - you are putting on the lbs. Sometimes, we don't notice that we are maybe becoming a little fleshy and have started thinking its acceptable to order fries as a side at restaurants instead of the greens (it's really not - I learn this the hard way every couple years). Then we see a picture of ourselves that is far from flattering, and realize we have to reign it in a little bit and hit the gym more. This is your time. Consider it constructive criticism.

From, me.

PS. Jessica, you actually just look preggo. If you are, than please disregard.

Dolce Vita is having a Memorial weekend sale of 25% off everything. They are
part of my favorite shoe brand trio - Jeffrey Campbell/Pour La Victoire/Dolce Vita (which would obviously be Louboutin/YSL/Givenchy if I was independently wealthy), so this was exciting. I ordered two pairs of summer sandals and I'm kicking myself for not ordering more, since shipping is the same no matter what, and I can return whatever doesn't suit my fancy in person. I've been wanting some neutral-colored sandals so I chose:

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