Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Poor Puppy

My poor poor puppy is having a host of dental issues, despite her prescription mouthwash, food, and dental bones. She is currently under anesthesia getting her teeth cleaned and FIVE extractions because of plaque build-up, teeth fractures, and roots showing. I don't know what her deal is, she is so healthy and clean otherwise, the vet said some dogs just have chronic teeth problems...

I also had to go to the orthodontist today, and to make up for all of the teeth unpleasantness, after the gym tonight, I'm making it taco-night!! Woohoo. Mexican fiestas make everyone feel better. Going back to LA on Saturday, its been a fun week home and I acquired a few purchases along the way.....

Tracy Feith for Target Dresses (I may return one, I hear they both run ama
zingly small and I ordered online, so we'll see).

American Apparel Crop Top (in a light green that they apparently don't have online - I had an old giftcard burning a hole in my pocket)

Citizens of Humanity Acid-Wash Cut-off Shorts (made these out of a men's pair I bought at Nordstrom's Last Chance - I'm just picturing the man who would wear this wash....)

Habitual Gray
Skinny Jeans ($10 at Last Chance - a beautiful thing)

And for my mom, I got her:
Kooba Delia Bag (f
rom Last Chance for $100 - because she's such a great woman!)


Hanes White Wifebeater (black bra - loving this these days!)

American Apparel Le Sac Dress (as a high-waisted skirt with the faux-leather sash double wrapped around my waist)

Dolce Vita Phoenix Gladiator Booties


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  2. I cant read it either, the font is like symbols :(